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Family-Managed Home Care is intended to provide more control over care to eligible patients and families.

Through the program, family members who are legal guardian of property, may receive funding to purchase home care services or employ care providers. Patients or substitute decision-makers (SDMs) are responsible for managing their care providers and reporting to the Local Health Integration Network (LHIN).

Adults, and their guardian, where applicable, must first have an assessment and meet the eligibility requirements for traditional home care and must have a plan of service developed by the LHIN. The guardian needs to be capable of managing and coordinating the patient’s care and managing and reporting on funding.

Adults with acquired brain injuries and patients in extraordinary circumstances, as assessed by the LHIN, may be eligible.

For more information, contact the Central East LHIN at 310-2222 (no area code required) or 1-800-263-3877 ​or view our Family Managed Home Care Info sheet for patients and families. Central East LHIN patients, or their substitute decision-makers, can speak to their LHIN care coordinator for more information.

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