Capacity Assessment fees

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Who pays the assessor?

In most cases, the person requesting the assessment pays the capacity assessor. For example, if a family member, friend, or caregiver requests the capacity assessment, they would pay the assessor directly. If a guardian of property is then appointed for the person, the guardian may reimburse the requestor from the incapable person’s funds, if there are funds available. Capacity Assessors are not covered by OHIP. Capacity Assessors are independent professionals who set their own hourly rates. Rates range between $1000 and $2500 per assessment. Travel costs are billed where applicable.

The total cost of the capacity assessment will depend on a number of factors including the:

  • nature and complexity of the person’s condition and circumstances
  • whether one or more specific areas of capacity are to be assessed
  • time required to complete the assessment and the related forms or reports
  • the amount of collateral information to review or gather
  • expenses, including travel, that may be required

There is a Financial Assistance Program available to cover the cost of an assessment in situations where an individual (not an institution or agency) cannot afford the fees. Applications for financial assistance can be obtained by contacting the Capacity Assessment Office.

This assistance is available if:

  • the particular assessment required cannot, by law, be completed by anyone other than a designated capacity assessor
  • the Capacity Assessment Office agrees that a capacity assessment is required in these circumstances
  • the person or their family member requests the capacity assessment and the person will not refuse the assessment
  • the person requesting the assessment meets the financial criteria for financial assistance by providing financial information about their own finances by submitting a completed financial assistance application.
  • call 416-327-6766 or toll free 1-866-521-1033 to apply

The Capacity Assessment Office will notify the requester when assistance has been approved or denied.