CARES Privacy and your Personal Health Information

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It is the policy of CARES – Capacity Assessment & Risk Evaluation for Seniors to act in accordance with legislation and to meet the rules and regulations of the College of Occupational Therapists of Ontario as well as Federal and Provincial regulations. I collect and share only the information I need to assess your physical, mental or environmental difficulties and/or your ability to understand and appreciate your personal living and/or financial circumstances, and to arrange for suitable alternatives, if you are not able to manage your own affairs.
Your personal health information may be stored as a paper document stored in locked cabinets or electronic documents stored on encrypted devices such as computers or other electronic devices. Any paper documents no longer required will be shredded for your security. Your records will be retained according to legislative requirements. Once the required retention period, as identified by law, elapses, your record will be securely destroyed or erased.

What information do I collect?

Only information required to complete your capacity assessment will be collected. This may include:

  • Health information from your past and the present.
  • Information about how you are managing your personal care or daily functional needs, including reports from other health care providers.
  • Specific financial information such as banking, investments and income sources as required for funding applications or capacity assessment.
  • Collateral information from family, friends or support people who work with you.

Who may this information be shared with?

  • To assess your ability to make decisions and to understand all the risks and benefits of those decisions. This will allow us to provide the right amount of support to help keep you safe.
  • To assess your need for home safety, mobility or other equipment
  • To develop a plan of care to address any needs.
  • To follow federal and provincial laws.
  • If I want to use your information for any other reason, we will ask for your consent.

Why do I collect this information?

Information collected during our assessment will be used to generate a formal report. You will receive a copy of the report for your records. If my opinion is that you are capable for the purposes of this assessment, no other persons can receive copies without your express verbal and/or written consent, or as required by law. Information may be shared by fax, secured electronic transmission or through Canada Post.

If my opinion is that you are incapable:

  • The report may be shared, as required, with your immediate circle of care for health and legal purposes.
  • If you have a valid power of attorney a copy will be shared with your attorney(s).
  • If you do not have a valid power of attorney a copy of the report will be forwarded to legal counsel for any parties seeking guardianship and/or
  • The Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee to establish guardianship.

What are your rights?

  • Your personal information is private. We will only share your information with your consent and when required by law or legislation.
  • You may see and/or have a copy of your personal health information
  • You can request a correction to your records.

Special Notes regarding assessment by videoconference

  • Where an assessment via videoconference is conducted you must also be aware of the limitations and the potential risks related to technology.
  • Videoconference assessments are automatically recorded for your protection and mine. All video recordings will be maintained electronically and under the same privacy and retention policies as outlined above. Those recordings may be used by me to clarify or confirm our discussions during the assessment.
  • Limitations with respect technology such as, but not limited to, poor internet connection, slow computers or devices, loss of electricity or unexpected interruptions are all possible. If at any time you, or I, feel that assessment by videoconference is not giving a fair and valid representation of your capacity you may request to reschedule a face to face meeting at the earliest opportunity.
  • CARES uses Ring Central Meetings, a secure and encrypted platform. Our meeting is secured with a password to further prevent unauthorized access. However, special attention should be paid to participate in the meeting from a private space where others cannot overhear our conversation.

These privacy policies and procedures have been developed in accordance with the law of Ontario, as well as with professional regulations and ethical standards. If you have any questions regarding this privacy statement, or if you would like more information, or have a complaint about the way your privacy has been handled, please contact The Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario at 1-800-387-0073 or the Federal Privacy Commission at 1-800-282- 1376.